Asian Games 2018 Fact Sheet (By YouGov)


Asian Games 2018 Fact Sheet (By YouGov)
The Asian Games 2018 was officially closed in early September in Jakarta and Palembang. 

The event has been a successful one as it attracted massive attention from the public of Indonesia, Asia and across the world. 

Most Favorite Mascot:
  1. Bhin Bhin (47%).
  2. Kaka (27%).
  3. Atung (26).

Most Popular Sponsor:
  1. Grab.
  2. Samsung.
  3. Pocari Sweat.
  4. Aqua.
  5. Indomie.
  6. BliBli.
  7. Aice.
  8. Telkomsel.
  9. Bukalapak.
  10. Bank BRI.

YouGov conducted a survey about the Asian Games in September 2018. 

Discover further about the Asian Games 2018 survey on Report Asian Games 2018.

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