What a Meaning "Regency" and "City" In Indonesian?


When we view from the name, it's different.

One is called the City and the other is call the Regency.

Determination as a City or Regency by the central government.

And this is very closely related to social-economic condition of it's Citizens in general.
What a Meaning "Regency" and "City" In Indonesian?

The City with an urban nuance while the Regency is rustic nuance.

However, some regencies also have cities that are central.

And on the cities also exist some of which are still like villages.

Reporting from Wikipedia
We take a few example from Regency Aceh:

  1. West Aceh: Meulaboh.
  2. Southwest Aceh: Blangpidie.
  3. Aceh Besar: Jantho City.
  4. Aceh Jaya: Calang.
  5. South Aceh: Tapak Tuan.

Regency is meaning Kabupaten.
City is meaning Kota.