[APP][5+] AutoResponder for WhatsApp™ #NEW By TK Studio


Hey guys,

I just launched a new beta app which is a completely revised version of my other app.

Everything in Material Design (well mostly) and it's actually working WITHOUT root!

I hope you can give some feedback in order to improve it, because it's still in development.

[APP][5+] AutoResponder for WhatsApp™ #NEW By TK Studio

Many more features will be added in the future.

Happy testing.

AutoResponder for WA

Automatically reply to custom received WhatsApp messages with the help of this app. You have a lot of settings to customize the bot for your needs. Just try it out!


  1. - Auto reply to WhatsApp
  2. - Send automatic replies to your friends
  3. - Individually customizable
  4. - Send replies to all messages
  5. - React to specific messages
  6. - Live answer replacements
  7. - Reply with current location
  8. - Works with groups
  9. - Set contacts
  10. - Set delay
  11. - Specific times and days
  12. - Perfect for business
  13. - Dialogflow.com integration (formerly api.ai)
  14. - Working as a Tasker plugin
  15. - App is still in development, many more features will follow!

Features & Advantages (v1.15 - 7 September 2018):

  1. ★ Auto-reply to WhatsApp
  2. ★ Individually customizable
  3. ★ Many tools included
  4. ★ React to all messages
  5. ★ Send replies to specific messages
  6. ★ Live answer replacements (location*, time, name...)
  7. ★ Welcome message for new chats *
  8. ★ Multiple replies in one rule *
  9. ★ Works with contacts, groups and unknown numbers
  10. ★ Ignore and specify contacts and groups
  11. ★ Schedule with delay
  12. ★ AI with Dialogflow.com (formerly api.ai) *
  13. ★ Working as a Tasker plugin (Tasker is an automation tool) *
  14. ★ Backup rules for easy recovery
  15. ★ Not updating your last seen / online status
  16. ★ Personal agent for your small business
  17. ★ Many tricks possible with this bot!
  18. ★ This tool is still in beta, many more features will follow!

Coming Soon:

  1. ★ Font styles (bold, italic, strikethrough)
  2. ★ Widget

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Download NOW! Create the best experience for your contacts!

This app is NO fake. Just try it!

- Tips & tricks
Emojis can be used by copying them from WhatsApp or adding them with your keyboard directly. Pictures like wallpapers, videos or any other media files can't be sent.

- Note:
Update WhatsApp messenger apk to the latest version if the bot doesn't work for you. In case the beta update doesn't work anymore, please contact me. Doesn't work with WhatsApp web and tablet apps. Dual/Clone WA apps can work, depending on how they operate. Works with WhatsApp Business.

- Notification access:
This tool doesn't directly access WA, it replies to notifications.
Location permission: Possibility to auto reply with current location.

Okay, this app isn't affiliated with WhatsApp™.

WhatsApp™ is a registered Trademark of WhatsApp Inc.

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