What is Internet Fraud?

Internet Fraud is a scam that is going on in the virtual world, many people suspect that the internet was very safe, easy to surf the internet and get information news, health, entertainment will quickly but many people do not know There is darkness in it with knowledge like this is just a few folks only.

An example of when you are downloading a file that you may be interested in movies, music, and pictures.Already certain that you do not know where are the trust and secure website now, right? 

For me, I surf on the internet should be thoroughly reviewed. Whether the news is valid or hoax? This information actually already does an experiment by researchers if the article contains about health

Then what is the darkness in the world of the internet? Here are some of the darkness in the world of the internet who obediently you are careful

  1. Phishing
  2. Website Scam
  3. Email Scam
  4. Online Shopping Scam
  5. Fake news Scam
  6. Lottery Scam
  7. Fake Antivirus Scam
  8. Make Money Fast Scam
  9. HYIP
  10. Bitcoin Scam