What is Ethereum?

We already know more about the usual virtual currencies are often called Bitcoin. Most people already know the currency, do you already know the virtual currency as titles that we're talking about.
What is Ethereum?

What is Ethereum? and who is the manufacturer of the Ethereum? Since when Ethereum appear?

Yup, Ethereum or usual in brief with ETH, Ethereum blockchain is a platform with language programming as a place to store a wealth of money Ether. Ethereum is something large projects made by Vitalik Buterin in 2013.

large projects made by Vitalik Buterin in 2013.

Ethereum same as blockchain, however, the difference with the Ethereum Bitcoin is the Ethereum has no 3rd party involved. Ethereum also functions as a VM/virtual machine that allows running contract peer-to-peer money Cryptography Aether. The programming language used for the Ethereum is C++, Go, Java, Python, JavaScript, node, Haskell.

Ethereum developers besides Vitalik Buterin, among others, Gavin Wood and Jeffrey Wilcke. You can also source for developing the Ethereum can be developed better from now on. On 30 July 2015 as meet Ethereum as the first block at the time of that time. Onsite 1 Ethereum with Bitcoin this price £ 200,000 or 0.02 BTC for each Ethereum.

Ethereum Virtual machine (EVM) refers to the part of the Protocol deal with circumstances in and computing. Things like this are usually referred to as the innovations that define the project through system based blockchain other.

By taking payment type and add your bitcoin Cryptography scripting language Turing complete, Ethereum tryout to make the very best tools to implement smart rent by using the blockchain technology.

Another term for "Turing" here means the system is capable of performing any way mean sense of computational functions.

A technology that is widely used nowadays by using Turing completeness is a structure of JavaScript, a programming language on a computer that supports the World Wide Web.

The technology of smart contracts will describe the Protocol flow computer by means of negating the need for contractual agreements and vice versa, that sort of thing is self-executing (self-executing) and self-enforcing (enforce).

The thing that distinguishes between the Ethereum and bitcoin is that Ethereum founded not to be payments system but also as a platform for computing.

Cryptocurrency running on the Ethereum blockchain, Aether, acting as a kind of fuel to power the main ingredient machine computing platforms. The Aether is consumed by miners to access any network resources.

The more users the Aether to hold coins, the more "gas" that their use as a means for pumping the fuel/main ingredient to the machine computation of virtual machine Ethereum.

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