What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency developed in 2009 by a person with the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. This currency as IDR / Dollar (USD), it is only available in the digital world.

What is Bitcoin?
What is Bitcoin?

Features that owned bitcoin as digital currencies, namely:
  • Quick transfer
  • Free to send
  • A very small transfer fee
  • Such transactions are
  • Bitcoin transactions are anonymous
  • Bitcoin is not controlled by any Government or agency
  • The number is limited

You can always send Your bitcoin to assorted in the world as long as connected with the internet. Bitcoin is saved into Your Bitcoin Wallet. This purse must be installed on both sides, could be with PC/laptops, tablets and Smartphones.

After installing the wallet, you'll get Your Bitcoin Address. For bitcoin transfer easy, open applications, input the address of the Bitcoin wallet intended recipients and number of bitcoin who want to transfer, and then you send.

Then you want to ask, if there is no company that manages, and where financial data is stored? On your own computer (in purse) and an end to end network around the world.

Bitcoin currency You saved on your computer in your wallet. If your computer is broken just as money lost, so Your bitcoin wallet bitcoin must be backup/backup regularly to other storage media. When conducting a transaction, within the network of bitcoin will

provide proof of Your input data so that it does not happen to cheat.

Whether buying a Bitcoin will benefit?

But if I see from the development of the media coverage caused enthusiasm will bitcoin everywhere will create a very high demand. I believe the price of the Bitcoin will continue to soar many times fold, I myself started depositing some money I into my bitcoin.

But of course, I am not responsible for any losses against the unlikely event would be experienced, readers. The important value of bitcoin now is around $1.3 Billion USD or approximately Rp 13 Trillion dollars, $11 Billion USD or USD 130 Trillion Rupiah on June (14 December 2013), but this is still the beginning of a lot of people who do not yet know the Bitcoin.

Hopefully this article to so that we learn of the Bitcoin and understand the processes of the famous virtual currency. Please share with your friends. Thank you.