Internet Phishing Example


Phishing a method commonly used by hackers to steal passwords by way of fooling the victim using fake login form on the false website resembling website originals.

Internet Phishing Example

In some other cases, the fake site (web scam) are not too similar but because victims are less take heart and have no experience about phishing methods then it could just be stuck.

Here are a few examples of web phishing alert you should include:

1. Facebook
\Internet Phishing Example

Where lies the difference of fake facebook website with the original? here's how to figure out these fake websites are:
  1. The fake website URL reads (the Official Website or
  2. This site does not have a low level of security or vulnerable stricken by hackers because it does not have SSL security. (green padlock is located beside the left)
  3. May result in your facebook account be abused by people who are not responsible.

2. Amazon
Internet Phishing Example

Come on, where is the location of the famous marketplace website differences around the world is fake and original, see the difference?

  1. Amazon's website contains the URL counterfeited. Does look almost similar to the official website URL but the last word .com there are 2 words n. ( or Official Website)
  2. The website uses SSL false marketplace as well, not necessarily survive from hacker attacks.
  3. When you log in the e-commerce website is false, then the person is not responsible for use of your account and can-can he can buy goods that he want.
So from my article on the night these days that commenting on Internet Phishing Example, may be useful for you and don't forget to myself too of course. Thank's already come to my website and hope you continue to be vigilant on the internet.