How to Remove the VPS Account on


In this post, I will give you tips for you who want to delete an account the VPS at the site, in this case, I am looking for information about how to delete my account is located on the website

How to Remove the VPS Account on
How to Remove the VPS Account on

Any website and all I was looking for how to delete my account are located at, you have your VPS account in coding, perhaps you don't understand how you should delete automatically, meaning that with just a button's "close account."

In contrast to coding, we should be asking about how to delete your account, you get confused where to search because I search in google searching no articles/how to remove postings or VPS account on

What is the cause I did the removal of my account which is at because my intention not to debt to the admin of the Amazon, I worried if not be charged little by little billing (payment) growing all this month, hence I did that avoid debts to famous companies as Amazon.

Because I don't like accounts receivable and in fact should be the people who told me it debt better for me if you think you are, we also do not know.

Here's how to Remove Your VPS Account in

  • Please open your email first
  • After you open your email, and then you give the subject or the email recipient by giving the name of the recipient's email ""
  • Then, when you've put the name of the email recipient, then the next way-that is, the title of the email with the "Delete my account "
  • All gone, then you fill it with as well:
    Hello Admin, Please Delete my account now
    team name: name team
    username: username your
    password: password your
    Thank you for your service admin
  • Well when the required data is already filled, the next step by sending emails and finish.
So my posting times under the title's "how to remove the VPS account on", hopefully, useful information. Thank you for your visit this time.