How to Mining Bitcoin with VPS from

Let's explain what is a VPS?

VPS is a virtual server that uses the operating system on the server like a substitute for Personal Computer (PC) or laptop, and useful also for the process of placing store data.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server is. Usually the VPS provider there are free or paid service server that should use CC (Credit Card) or could also use the money to pay for their service, VPS providers also provide time limits for the VPS to VPS subscription member that is usually there is a limit of time a month and also there a year.

Advantages VPS

  • A computer or a server that can we have although only intermediaries.
  • Can access the computer or server that already we buy wherever you are by using a connection to the internet.
  • Can install software or any other software
  • Store data in realtime
  • High-speed internet access has about 100 Mega bytes per sec/100 Mbps
  • Care in realtime so safe-secure just because it is set by the VPS provider, so you don't have to worry to clean every day, hehe.
  • All goods and services that has the role of the advantages and disadvantages of each, maybe not the whole stuff more of its profits than losses.

Disadvantages VPS

  • Expensive cost to purchase the service as this.
  • Somewhat slow process in use in our computer or laptop

To get a free VPS, you follow the way below:
How to Mining Bitcoin with VPS from
  • Please visit here to sign up for their official website.
  • After entering into the site, then you must enter your email enter/next to the left's "sign up". After pasting a email the next step You click "sign up ".
  • Once you've click  "sign up" then next is enter Your email and name of the team you are free to your liking. Later his name Your team as a benchmark of your VPS.
  • Well now you input the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of your team, this is useful for accessing the account Your coding team. My advice use only last You register your team so that the problem does not end in Your VPS. Having already fill and click  "Next".
  • The next step is to enter your email again, you create your username and password. And after you click  "Done" automatically You heading to Your VPS now.
  • Once you get into your VPS, then will appear the message because Your Stacks is not yet available, because the usefulness of the Stacks as providing computing resources or your server is called a VM (Virtual Machine).
How to resolve this problem in the following ways:
  • You click  "Finalize Steps" new form screen will appear for make Your Stacks.
  • Then You click  "Create a Stack for Your Team's".
  • Now you are making Your Stack stage, please click  "Create a New Stack".
  • And the display appears again "Select a Provider" there you can select the option "Amazon Web services " after you click on the button "Next".
  • The next form with the title's "What do you want installed? ", then select t2. nano which is under 1 Server, a Database MySQL, and suggest Language which recommendations namely PHP and a Web Server Apache to select when you are finished then you click "Next".
  • After that, the new form will appear with the title's "Where is your code? ", you just click "Next" because it does not affect Your VM or Stacks.
  • After we make the Stacks or VM as a resource for our computer to our VPS, the next step by clicking on  "Credentials", create a title Credentials/title credentials and input the Access Key ID and don't forget entries also Secret Access Your key, after everything is complete your stay click  "Save you".
  • After you click Save, You click  "Use This and Continue" right beside the Akizaku account you created earlier. well after completion of all then you directly to where you "Stack Templates" means have succeeded and click Save to proceed. If successful then the result as this.
  • The next step, Click  "Build the Stack".
  • The account creation process to manufacture the Stack or VM VPS we're done with good, then after that, it will place the script required mining Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

How to Run Mining VPS in Minergate

  1. Run the script below in a way one by one. You can download here
  2. After running the Script we input into our VPS. input script below.
  3. If the script is run successfully then the result will like this.
2 Cara Mining Dengan VPS Lengkap dan GRATIS
  • YOUREMAIL: you can replace with the name of your email when it is already a member of minergate.

How to Run Mining VPS in

  1. Run the script below in a way one by one. You can try it here.
  2. After running the script, we input into our VPS and input script below.
  3. Mining result from like this.

2 Cara Mining Dengan VPS Lengkap dan GRATIS
  • Username: replace with your username.
  • Worker: you can create your own starting from worker1 until worker10 and so on.
  • Password: emptied/filled out anything up to you bro.

So from my post this morning about How Mining Bitcoin with VPS from, may be useful. Thanks for coming to my blog and your support.