8 Things Before Investment at Cloud Mining

Many of the events that users don't accidentally Bitcoin involving all countries that stuck with scam upon on behalf of Cloud Mining. And that worse may be the attitude of us just give priority to profit though should willingly forego using your own money, tragically many referrals better already spread to public and social media. 

8 Things Before Investment at Cloud Mining
Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Actually instead of banning the use of the service Cloud Mining aims so that You know which Cloud mining who actually issue the merit or Cloud Mining falsely using the Ponzi scheme.

How do I know that it may invest we are legit or not?

1. There is No Mining Tool.

For example, there are cloud mining, you don't know where he was mining, mining tools address bitcoin address them, or the user can not choose the desired pool of mine that will he chooses, can be worth the cloud mining suspected scam (impostor)

There is no reason to hide the bitcoin address them because from there we can see whether there is the pool block bitcoin or not. Not perhaps a pool that does not get 1 block bitcoin can divide the results of his rope.

2. No Vendor Support ASIC

The device provider mining / ASIC vendors will be happy to give support to the company of miners, why? because it could be as free advertising for the provider of such equipment. So if there's no support with tools providers cloud mining them, could be worth a suspected they were not actually mining.

3. There are No Pictures of The Hardware and Datacenter

If cloud mining but do not have the data centre , cannot show their mining tools, how can their mining take what tools? sharing the dream? that needs to be remembered that the image CAN BE manipulated, so if only pictures that have no evidence of them, Aja remains false.

4. Mining Risk

Although that makes cloud mining is a leading provider of hardware for the miners, keep in mind that they can't sell the instant and unlimited hash rate, cause what? Because ordering hardware, receive, organize, and run it takes time which is not instant or quick. If cloud mining directly can directly pay runs out, let alone the number of hash mining rate unlimited, and you also can't know how hash rate them entirely how much? rented what? how? the rest could be worth also suspected as a scam.

5. The Deployment of Program

Make cloud mining was the amount of profit you are very small if they give promotion to You in the form of a very great referral (10%) could be just a scam. The referral something to captivate your heart is almost the same as the process of Ponzi, so be careful just in case cloud mining give various bonuses, which fortunately even loss later.

6. Admin is not Covered

You should know, who manages the company's cloud mining it, the real place, not Web whois reply in protect, the address is real and exists. Reply No, what if there are unexpected events that are the responsibility of anyone? Want his investment to evaporate suddenly?

7. Tactics 

if we've rent, they can't this lease sale results to other people/providers, be careful that the trick of cloud mining scam so that the money/investment we could not bring a run everywhere.

8. Bonus Bogus

While the only bitcoinmaker.ch that only promise this bonus. If they promise a big profit.

Hopefully, the article is beneficial for all of us so that we avoid investments that are not the top named lie Cloud Mining. Be Smart, Think before you invest there.